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Welcome to Wine 101

The Wine Connoisseurs

Here at Wine 101, we carry the finest selection of wines and spirits, originating from the top wine-producing countries to local Missouri vineyards. We encourage new wine drinkers to appreciate the beauty and depth of what wine has to offer. For that, we organize free weekly wine tastings at our store in Warrensburg, Mo. We are the only wine store in the area to offer this, because we truly want our customers to 'try it before you buy it.

In early times, wine was considered as precious as water and a sign of opulence to those who drank it. Today, anyone can enjoy a glass of wine. Picking out the perfect wine for that special occasion or meal can be daunting; especially with the hundreds of wines we have to offer. Our friendly and expert staff here at Wine 101 will put you at ease and are more than eager to help you and educate you with great information about wine. If we don't have what you're looking for, we will try our best to get it in for you.


Aside from wine, we also carry a wide array of specialty beers, spirits, cigars, gourmet food, and gift items. We also arrange personalized gift baskets.

Our products and services are as follows:

  • Complimentary Wine
  • Fine Cigars
  • Gourmet Food
  • Home Decor and Gifts
  • Imported Beers
  • Private Pourings
  • Spirits
  • Wine Accessories

Join us on our wine tastings!

We have wine tastings every week from 5:00PM to 7:00PM at Wine 101 in Warrensburg, MO. We would love for you to join us and have a glass of wine with us!

Call us at: 660-422-8101

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